Colour Coaching -colour as language

Why do I wear certain colours? What do I communicate through colour?
Why do I prefer a certain colour for the day? Why do i choose different
colours for sports? What is the colour telling me ?

Colour is a strong language. Colour communicates. Colour does not lie.
Colour is emotion.

In a colour comfort consult we map the colours that you wear and have
been wearing. The colour that you (stopped to) wear, paint a picture of
your past. Your current selection of colours mirrors your current and
potential talents and qualities. For your future life goals you will choose
2 supporting colours. More relaxation? More peace? More action?
More focus? More friends? More structure of warmth?

After your first consult you will receive a summarising report. Depending
on the desired development we will plan 2 other consults. A complete colour
comfort consult consists of 3 conversations during 12 months.

This coaching is based on the Colour Comfort method of Thelma van der Werff