What style suits me? How do I dress for the occassion?
With a personal style advice you will identify your own personal style. The style 
that fits you, your body and the way you live. Style is not about size or weight,
Style is choosing clothing that best fit you with colours and fabrics that flatter.

In a style consult you will understnad the principles of style.You will learn how
to draw attention to what you like about yourseld and camouflage what you are less content about.

You receive tips on clothing, hair cut, glasses, shoes and accessories that suit you
best.You will be introduced to the basics of wardrobe planning.  

In a follow up consult we will start with the inside. We will map your most
prominent positive characteristics and bridge these with your natural looks.

A style consult can vary from a 2 hr personal consult to a series of 3 or 4 consults where we analyse you inside and outside in all its facets.
Price (also for workshops) on demand